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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Mhambi found a very considered outsider's view on the De la Rey song phenomena that covers allot of the ground. (And I'm qouted - so its gotta be good ;) )

It only omits Johann Rossouw's excellent contribution on the issue.

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1 comment:

tvoh said...

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your kind words regarding my blog post.

I had seen the Rossouw article and though I am hardly competent to judge its thesis, it sounds reasonalbe.

His solutions sound fine. My problem is, judging from my life's experience with local and national politics and my dilettante’s knowledge of history is that his solutions are not probably going to happen.

It would be good if the current government and its allies said that the pale countrymen and women should be conciliated in some way that is a workable compromise. Your Nationalist party should have been thinking the same way toward the black population, say, starting in 1948. Politics is too much thinking about the voting base and what is one man’s compromise is another man’s betrayal.

I certainly wish him the best of luck.