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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mhambi is in Bloemfontein - the k@k'st place?

David Kramer once sang at a Vrye Weekblad festival that the Free State capital in South Africa is the kakest (shitiest) place he ever saw.

I'm visiting my mother in Bloemfontein. My mother is busy converting her house into a Bloemfontein guest house for all those tourists racing down the N1 highway to Cape Town or Jo'burg.

To me there's not much to do in Bloem except perhaps hanging out in the Exclusive Books - an upmarket book retailler - in the Mimosa mall. Mhambi hates malls, but there's really nothing else to do.

But apparently a recent survey found it to be the best city to live in in South Africa?! Well at least because there's so little going on, Mhambi has time to blog.

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