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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yeoville still a haven for immigrants

A while ago I wrote about my meeting with Kleinboer, the award winning Afrikaans author that lives and has lived in exotic Yeoville, Johannesburg for many years.

The view from Kleinboer's porch

Kleinboer took me on a tour of his hood.

Kleinboer reckons the area has already hit rock bottom and is now on the way up. Not to long ago his house was worth R100000. Now he thinks its three times that. It's all because of the immigrants he reckons. Especially the Congolese, and the Nigerians. He says that although only about 50% of the blacks in the area are South African, 80% of the businesses are run by immigrants.

He also reckons the variety and kinds of foods to be found in the various new restaurants, trumps the local fare.

I also told you about the mustachioed Congolese gentleman that welcomed us to a Congolese bar.

"Welcome to our country!" he said, while shaking our hands vociferously.

"You must come back in 2010."

Kleinboer protested, but not too much.

During another visit we encountered one of those dramatic high-veld thunderstorms, and were forced to braai in Kleinboer's garage. It was here that a South African neighbor of Kleinboer told me in no uncertain terms.

"You just wait, one day we will rise up and kill all these foreigners."

The neigbour was evidently regarded as a well adjusted member of the community. With a lovely house, children and a wonderful wife.

I spoke to Kleinboer on the phone the other day. Apparently Yeoville has not seen any violence. Immigrants try and stay off the streets at night.

He opinioned its probably because in this area the immigrants are a majority. Sphere: Related Content

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