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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Indololwane - your elbow can save your life

Yfm reports that Indololwane, the Zulu word for elbow is being used to identity foreigners in South Africa.

Says Yfm:

"Knowing this word could have saved hundreds of people from being hacked to death in so-called black-on-black violence.

The same word is back and darker skinned Africans in Jo’burg better know it and pronounce it correctly."

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Steve Lando said...

quite absurd, but that's what xenophobia is:)

how do U pronounce it?

Wessel said...

Perhaps not so absurd, read my post about the rainbow racists above.

In-doh-lo-th-wane something like that... any other readers want to try?

Kevin said...

indoor - law - loo-un - eh