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Friday, May 23, 2008

K-words are stil alive

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Mhambi found these anti-xenophobia posters on Flickr.

The intent is good, but Afrikaans speakers might feel it's prejudicial to them. Fokof is Afrikaans for Fuck off, and Kaffir came to South Africa via Afrikaans from Arabic.

MaKwerekwere is the derogatory onomatopoeic word South Africans use for foreigners.

Or is the end justified?

PS: Don't show this to Xolela, he'll be really upset.

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Steve Hayes said...

"Gatvol" is also an Afrikaans word.

In South Africa we borrow words from other languages as we see fit.

Wessel said...

I guess it's effective and brings the message home.

So your gatvol Steve. Seems the whole country is.