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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Reitz students 'gedra hulle soos varke'

Pissing on Afrikaners - Reitz racists

Mhambi had to say that in Afrikaans. The Reitz students behaved like pigs. If you don't know this already, white students at the University in Bloemfontein have humiliated some university workers on video, making them eat and drink food that had been urinated in. These workers are people who's trust the students obviously had, and had grossly deceived to make the video.

This despicable act, demonstrated clearly the kind of racism and arrogance found amongst some Afrikaners. And now its up to Afrikaners to incisively clean up this mess else it will be a festering sore. These guys should be punished and punished good.

As an Afrikaner I am angry and ashamed. I am glad Afriforum and the Vryheidfront has condemned these acts in the way they have. The more protest from Afrikaners the better. In fact Afriforum should organise a march against this behavior and ask for the strongest possible sanction.

AfriForum, the civil rights initiative linked to the Solidarity trade union, strongly condemned the incident. "The group of students' actions was inexcusable," said Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, adding he was sure that the small group's behaviour would be condemned by the majority of the students of the university.

He hoped the incident would not be used to portray all students at the university in a bad light.

Freedom Front Plus (FF+) youth leader Cornelius Jansen van Rensburg distanced the organisation from the "atrocities screened on a video reportedly produced at the University of the Free State". He said in a statement that the FF+ youth would never condone nor justify the violation of the human dignity of any person.

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blackstone said...

A damn shame. That's all i can say. You cannot ignore racism or pretend that it doesn't exist. It obviously does. We have to face it head on, not ignore it and sing we all the world.

everfresh said...


Wessel said...

Yes Blackstone, I agree. A damn shame.