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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Go Obama

Obama Listens
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Mhambi is routing for Barack Obama today when Americans go out to vote during Super Tuesday. What amazing symbolism if the USA becomes the first predominantly white country to elect a 'black' president. And Oprah agrees with me.

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Mike said...

The fact that he seems to be, at the very least, one of the strongest candidates doesn't hurt... In fact, it is much more important than his skin colour. But granted, the symbolism will be very powerful. If he does get elected (I'm rooting for Clinton but won't mind Obama at all), I'm just thankful that he's a Democrat. A black US president that's a Republican just won't do it for me :-).

Wessel said...

Mike, I really follow the details of the US presidential campaign with the dedication I analyze my credit card statements: so not very much.

But let me say why I don't like Hilary. (1) So waai die wind so draai haar mantel. Or in other words, she does not seem like a conviction politician. First she supports the Iraq invasion and now she is against it. John McCain, is exemplary in this regard.
(2) She allowed her husband to play the race card.
(3) She has one of those awful big American hairstyles.
(4) And other strange going on.

She is my second choice because she's a Democrat. But as for people and principles John McCain pips her.

tvoh said...

My Good Man,

Having read you for awhile, I have observed you may not like religion (from some of your statements), but you have quite a religious faith.

I am no fan of Sean Hannity, but there is a video clip of him asking Obama true believers what of any significance there god has done. Boy, did those kids look dopey.

I have a friend of Orange (in the Northern Ireland sense) descent. He is a leftist commie athesist (self admitted). After one of his tirades, I said to him, you can take the boy out of Ian Paisley's church, but you can't take Ian Paisley's church out of the boy. No fool, he got it and laughed.

Anyway, thank you for taking an interest in our quadrennial search for a fuhrer. Actually, it's really more a bunch of wannabee fuhrers in search of a volk.

Wessel said...

tvoh your post made me smile.

ok, ok, so he has not much o a track record. Granted. But I have a good feeling about him ;)

tvoh said...

Dear Wessel,

Judging from your picture, I am much older than you.

My experience has been that most of my troubles have come from feeling instead of thinking.

Don't get me wrong, Mac, Huck and herself are not attractive. The thing is, you can judge them on what they have said and done and it ain't pretty.

Obie, so far there is little negative so folks can all just join hands and sing kumbayah and feel good.