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Friday, February 22, 2008

No creeping racial exclusive ideologies? Really?

In the light of my recent post on black racism, jvr and my recent debate as to the real colours of the ANC, and what Van Zyl Slabbert said a while ago, that we are seeing a creeping racially defined Africanist ideology, I read this today with interest.

Chairperson of the newly formed forum's steering committee Abbey Makoe, said the FBJ was an association "who would politically in the South African context be defined as of African descent, coloureds and Indians".

Makoe said the body's "modus operandi" was to "redress inherent past imbalances which affect journalists as they attempt to work in the public domain".

Any member of the media could join the forum, as long as they are of African descent, coloured or Indian.

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