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Friday, February 15, 2008

Ag please Zwelinzima Vavi

Mhambi was very disappointed to hear about Cosatu's support for the disbanding of the elite South African anti-corruption unit, the Scorpions.

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1989 poster celebrating May Day and COSATU's Living Wage Campaign in South Africa.

I have to admit that I am a bit amused about the relative fuss about the Scorpions in the press and the public. Is the preventable Aids deaths of thousands, the lack of service delivery to the poor, what happened in the hospital in Frere, the murder of foreigners in our country, the corruption in that Arms deal - documented in After the Party, to name but a few examples, not enough reason to be up in arms? Should people not have been in the streets a while ago?

Having said that, its clear there is a sea change in public opinion around the issue of the Scorpions. And this should be nurtured.

What can one do? Well perhaps organising a public protest is in order? Mobilise people, make posters, stickers, SMS, write songs, wear t-shirts, create a web site.

A quick Google and I found the email addresses for Cosatu's Secretariat and other departments. And here is a feedback form for the SACP. Both organisations supported the disbanding of the Scorpions but both will (hopefully) be more susceptible to criticism than the ANC had been. Now if all of us sent an email to them that would be a start.

Mhambi sent a letter to the General Secraty of Cosatu Zwelinzima Vavi.

Cosatu Secretary General Zwelinzima Vavi has been taken to task by the African National Congress
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Dear sir

I have been a staunch believer that Cosatu will be able to influence our government to be more pro poor in its policies. I was very optimistic when I heard of the election of someone like Gwede Mantashe to the ANC top structures. I have been gladdened that after the Polekwane conference government already seems to be making pro-poor policy decisions.

However I was shocked that Cosatu has expressed its support for the disbanding of the Scorpions. This reeks of politics as usual and not of the usual principled positions Cosatu is renowned for. Please make us proud and stand up again for what is right.

Yours faithfully
Cosatu supporter

Wessel van Rensburg

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