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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Of the ANC and black racism

In reference to Mhambi and jvr's lively debate yesterday, I would like to point you to two recent posts both from Thought Leader. (Jvr argued that the ANC was always like this, an organisation only for black interests and we should have realised this before 1994.)

In one post Christi van der Westhuizen, a former supporter, lashes out against the ANC for derailing our democratic dream, chronicling some events where we went wrong.

Maybe this is why the ANC still likes insisting that it is a liberation movement engaged in a “national democratic revolution”, rather than just another political party. This insistence is a final grasp at the mythology that many of us believed about the organisation when it was still banned.

As tales of the real ANC in exile emerge, it is sliding seemingly irrevocably into exactly the same morass of expedience, patronage and power-mongering that has led citizens from the United States to most of Africa to disengage from politics. Indeed, when questioned about unsound practices, the response from ANC spokespeople has sometimes even been: “So what? It is done elsewhere.” Did we not, as South Africans, set a higher bar for ourselves than what exists “elsewhere”?

Now Mhambi never believed the ANC would be better than political movements in the US and UK, but at least similar: self interested, conniving, deceitful. But I think the ANC behaves far worse than that Christi. Their delinquent behaviour is off the charts, to the extent that it threatens the whole body politic.

Perhaps its only our uncritical voters that separates our ANC from that of parties in the good old US of A. But I doubt it.

In another post Sandile Memela, speaks out against black racism. He writes in Callous ‘black diamonds’ and the poor white problem

It is time that we asked the question whether the non-racial struggle has, ironically, delivered its anti-thesis of black racism.

In a strange way, there is an unconscious disposition among privileged black Africans — now called the “black diamonds” — to be unkind in a racist way towards fellow South Africans who happen to be white.

I'm glad people are speaking up about this at last. Unfortunately Mr. Memela its not limited to black diamonds. A recent study commissioned by the Sunday Times confirmed racism is is rife amongst all of black society.

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1 comment:

Mike said...

Thank you for posting a link to Memela's opinion piece. What a strange experience to read it though.

Rewind about twenty years, take a slightly liberal whitey and listen to him trying to show his conservative white friends the error of their ways (racism, intolerance, prejudice, etc.). Now take that same picture and replace the white faces with black ones, but don't change the 20-year old script - just the race (white becomes black and vice versa).


How can a movement that so courageously stated, as early as 1955, "...that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white..." (Freedom Charter) now seemingly fall into petty racism? Someone wake me up from this dream please, it can't be true!