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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sex - the Church has allot to answer for

Photo and copyright by Frugal Instinct. Fun and Marriage? More pics.

It's not only Polekwane on my mind. Mhambi has been worried about the Afrikaans girls who don't want to have sex.

Now I discussed this with a friends, one of which is a pre-eminent sociologist, another a film maker and another working for a bank. All Afrikaners and two of them female. And this is our considered conclusion.

It's the Church's fault. You see most of these Afrikaans girls 'saved' themselves for marriage. Many still do refrain from sex until they are married.

Aprt from inducing un told anxinty on their nuptial nights, it probably spiked any chances of haveing fullfiling sex lives.

I mean an individual's sex life is such a complex nuanced and specific thing. Some are sexed crazed, some submissive, some dominant, some straight acting gays, some like it orally etc. Not trying before you buy is like playing Russian roulette with your future bliss.

The chance of firing a blank is so much greater than blowing... well getting satisfaction.

And there ain't no denying. The chances of a happy relationship without the possibility of expressing your sexuality with your partner is greatly diminished.

Good sex is like a canary in a mine shaft. If the bird stops singing the end is nigh.

Somebody should stop the church before it ruins more lives.

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1 comment:

tvoh said...

I am hardly an expert on the subject, but in this country they occasionally come out with a survey that says church going women are more sexually satisfied than their liberated sisters.

Do I believe it? Don't know. I live in a very liberal area of my country and there are some pretty unhappy uninhibited lasses.

My guess, most areas of life are Russian Roulette. You could save yourself for Prince Charming and live a life of desperation or unending bliss and take whatever conclusion you want. I've seen both.

Maybe it boils down a lot to attitude. If you haven't seen the movie Ground Hogs Day you might want to and watch for the bowling alley scene and ask yourself if you are a half empty or half full kinda person.