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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

No sex please - were Afrikaans

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Mhambi met an old friend for tea and cake yesterday. The friend, like many Afrikaans white middle-class girls of her generation (32 and older) had an independent career, was wealthy, married and worried.

First a familiar concern I have heard from numerous people during this visit to South Africa. She was worried about the country. Did she leave it too late to immigrate?

But that's not all.

She alleged that she, and her female friends all are bored of sex. It's a drag. Just too much effort for such a small pleasurable return. She only wants it once every two months.

Mhambi knows that on average male libidos are more powerful than your average female's. But this admission struck me as a bit over the top?!

Mhambi's experience (albeit very limited and no scientific sample), with females outside of South Africa has been very different.

Something is very very wrong. Mhambi is worried.

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Mike said...

Net 'n klein steekproef sĂȘ jy? :-)

Wessel said...

Ja Mike, hopeloos te klein.

Anonymous said...
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McDuff777 said...

Is dit net ek of praat die ou n pot kak!