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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Racial quotas ruled out

In what marks quite a sea change in opinion Sports Minister Makhensi Stofile, brother of SARU vice president Mike Stofile, who expressed a contrary opinion less than a week ago, has ruled out racial quotas. He pointed out that development needs to happen from an early age, and this should include focusing on nutrition. Many South African rugby fans remain sceptical.

Sports Minister Makhenkesi Stofile on Tuesday ruled out racial quotas for national sports teams.

"Quotas are out," Stofile told the parliamentary sports committee....

Stofile said black children, mostly poor, needed proper nutrition and facilities to help them develop the bone structure and muscle tone required for sports participation from an early age.

"We must kill the myth that … black people cannot play certain sporting codes because they are black," the minister told MPs.

About R200-million would be needed for this purpose annually, said Stofile, who argued for the creation of a national developmental rugby squad.

"We (the government) are not going to decide who must be on the team.

"All we are saying is: expose everybody, give them an opportunity."

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