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Friday, November 02, 2007

Coloured is not enough

Mike Stofile current Vice President of SARU has said that future qoutas of black players should not include coloureds.

"I don't want to give a figure, but I don't agree that there should be seven black players in the team," said Stofile. "We cannot say only seven. And I also think that black should not include coloureds. That would minimise the players of colour's chances of making the team.

"We must be honest with ourselves and realise that there are many different communities out there who play rugby - black, white, coloured, Indian and so forth. If those communities are not represented, then how can we then say that we have transformed rugby?"

This confirms Mhambi's fears for the team and South Africa's on going identity politics shambles.

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James said...

Hey Wessel,

I'm still planning to respond to our other running debate as soon as I have a spare moment.... In the meantime I came across this on IOL this morning and thought it might interest you:

I hope it's legit.

Wessel said...

Wow, considering what's gone before this would make for quite a sea change in government thinking.