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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Are things ok or not?

Mhambi wrote a week ago that the stats say its better. That was in response to a survey by Stats SA that showed on many levels (like housing and access to water) that the lives of South Africans have improved markedly.

Well, now a report from the South African Institute of Race Relations has come out which says, levels of poverty (persons living on less than $1 per day) has doubled from 1996 to 2005.

This is at the same time as a Word Bank Report that concludes that growth in many African countries appears to be fast and steady enough "to put a dent on the region's high poverty rate and attract global investment".

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Wessel said...

UPDATE ...President Mbeki has hit out against these numbers by the SAIRR and they in turn have issued a rebuttal.

What becomes apparent is that there has indeed been since 2002 considerable improvement, but measured from 1996 it still seems that South Africa has twice as many people living in poverty.

Read about that here