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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Orwell's double speak infects SA rugby

“Sport cannot be exonerated from the broad picture of government programmes,” said committee chairman Butana Komphela, who is a member of the governing African National Congress.

“Sport cannot be excluded from imperatives of empowerment and transformation."
This was the language used today in parliament in reaction to the fact that the Springbok rugby team is considered too white. Three months before a world cup where South Africa are considered real contenders.

Today, Tony Leon, ex South African opposition leader gave his first post-leadership speech. He had this to say about South Africa's creeping new ideology:

"Not confined to the public sector, (the programme) now engulfs every nook and cranny of the private sphere of life in SA. Yet this instance of Orwellian overreach is the direct consequence of conflating the concept of transformation into a pervasive instrument of control and manipulation."

Hoor hoor says Mhambi.

There have been hints at changing the SARU constitution to effect chnage.

"I'm not happy with the pace of transformation as the leader of SA Rugby," Hoskins told the parlaimentary committee on Tuesday.
"Our current constitution might have been suited to an amateur era. We need to look at it and put it to the President's Council for possible modification.
"To move rugby forward SARU must have more authority. Change is not something we need to fear."


Not all the MP's were engaging in double speak however. Some had more direct allegations, but failed to produce any substance.

ANC MP Tsietsi Louw said that black players were being held back from reaching their true potential.

"There is a deliberate political agenda to keep these black players where they are," he said.

"Only three or four will (succeed)."

I wish Mr. Louw would back up his claims with some evidence. He should put up or shut up, because this is a serous allegation to make. The kind of allegation which is goes unchallenged is used as a battering ram for racist agendas.

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