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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hell hath no fury like Rhoda Kadalie

It's difficult, tedious and not very nice to harp on about things going wrong in South Africa. Allot of my leftie friends suffer from bad news and battle fatigue. Thank goodness for journalists like Rhoda Kadalie and Xolela Mangcu that never shirks the journalistic watchdog slog.

Rhoda Kadalie
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This week Rhoda Kadalie tackles the fact that:
PRESIDENT Thabo Mbeki will go down in history as someone who fired only one person from his cabinet, and not for mismanagement but for being a political competitor.

She runs through a list of cabinet ministers that deserve the sack and in particular she does not mince her words when it come to the portfolio for agriculture and the affairs of the Landbank:
I can go on and on about our cabinet ministers, whose services should be terminated for good reason, but the one who escapes scrutiny is Agriculture Minister Lulama Xingwana. Her failure to stem the farming crisis is astounding. The Cape Times reported recently that 20000 farmers have left the land because of “low import tariffs and the dumping of cheap agricultural products from rich countries where farmers are heavily subsidised”. Add to that the more than 2000 farmers murdered since 1994, and the picture looks grim.

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