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Monday, November 13, 2006

The sun rises again with Rose and Olive in tow

You all know Mhambi has a thing for Olive and Rose, the delectable photographers that suddenly dissapeared from Flickr. Well Mhambi got a really nice email from them in response to some friendly advice. And the good news is they will be starting their own site. Although unfortunately its not up and running yet.

Good morning, Mhambi. Yes, flickr deleted us without even a moment's notice, throwing away everything we'd posted, including the writing, which went unsaved unfortunately. But when the pieces fall apart, you put them back together in a new way, a stronger way, a more interesting way hopefully. so, where is your neck of the woods? You know we're not exactly opposed to finding good excuses to travel. And we're good houseguests. We've been known to bathe our hosts in lavender and bubbles, for instance.

Mhambi wrote:
no probs... keep up the good work...

if my gf and i were in your neck of the woods we'd volunteer to be
models anyday :)

do keep a book in mind as well. taschen would be crazy not to take you. did flickr delete your account as well?

On 26/10/06, rose andolive wrote:
> Thanks for this honest and insightful mail.. we've taken it in... We have
> wanted to be a part of nerve for a while, and doing that doesn't exclude us
> from pursuing other things. We have a temporary site up on
> If you're interested in looking around on nerve until
> that's a more functional site, I'll include a login below.
> Thanks again for the input...

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