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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Crime expo site is a scam

The South African Independent reports on the crime website that caused such an outcry:

Independent Democrats Cape Town leader Simon Grindrod will be at the Caledon Square Police Station on Thursday to ask police to conduct a criminal investigation into the founder of the crime expo website.

"Only three days after The Citizen exposed the site as a scam, it has been shut down. A message at the site indicates that it has closed down - its malicious architect has run with the money," says Mr Grindrod.

It is alleged that founder Neil Watson is a fictitious character.

The crime website attracted massive interest and solicited hundreds of thousands in donations, advertising and SMS revenue.

"Under false pretenses he systematically stole money from the public and attempted to destroy our country’s image at home and overseas," says Grindrod.

Shout out to Donald who alerted me to this. Mhambi supported the site, provided it was set up with the right intentions. Lets hope this revelation does not further dent the goverment's apparent lack of will to fight crime.

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