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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Kak duidelik says it loud and clear

When somebody says it better, in fact when they say it kak duidelik, then its better to defer to their superior eloquence. I have to defer to the kak duidelik blog on the matter of football:

The World Cup started with a moerse BANG on friday!! Germany with a win over Costa Rica, 4-2. A befokte goal from Torsten Frings!!!! Maybe, kykie possibly, the goal of the World Cup 2006.

Kykie, it was a mal goal, but I hope there are going to be better ones… after the first match, its been a let down so far. England’s match was NWATTA!! Straight up!!

England’s match was NWATTA!! Straight up!!

That ref was blowing for absolute kak… kykie, I dunno if it was because Crouch was too tall or what. Then someone told me that referees are old ex soccer players, that couldn’t make it to the big stage. So I’m thinking, this bra was naar, cos someone wysed him he couldn’t play… COS HE’S TOO SHORT!!! Now he took it out on Crouch, cos that bra is kaaaaaaaaaaaaak tall. I can’t put a picture of Crouch on my site, it’ll take too lonnggggg to download ek se…

Anyways, today Australia is playing against Japan. I recon Japan should win (maybe its cos I don’t gran the ossies). USA up against the Czech. And then… Italy VS Ghana… not sure who will win there… ofcourse Italy is going to win!

Anyways, ek hoep Eskom don’t catch on kak today, I know there’s an article saying that they won’t cut us off, but its Eskom we talking about.

Read more of this kak here.

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Mulla said...

Kykie, dis altyd 'n lekker feeling om recognition te kry. Dankie vir 'ie reference na Kak Duidelik toe.

Os appreciate 'it.

Keep watchin... exciting changes is in die pipeline.

Mulla (

Wessel said...

Dis 'n groot plesier, julle saait is lekker.