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Monday, June 19, 2006

Baked beans en cocaine

Just found this rather nice Boerepunk (Boerpunk) music video on YouTube.

They are Rokkeloos (meaning dressless - and a clever-ish Afrikaans pun on reckless). In this video Rokkeloos definitely do wear trousers and skirts (and bikini tops). Apparently they are a bunch of (rather angry) gals from Tswane. Me thinks they are a bunch of control freaks because they don't allow embedding of their video on Mhambi! Agenee! Give it up sistas.

Rokkeloos seem to be on the same nihilist wavelength of that other Afrikaans band du jour, Fokofpolisiekar, and Mhambi thinks they might just be better. In this song they sing that "dreams smell like baked beans and cocaine".

This is what the Mail and Guardian has to say about them.

Over-opinionated, still working in restaurants, living on rice and baked beans, going through a permanent “sexual phase” and partying hard, these four also come across quite raunchy. They mention their celebrity groupies: Paul Riekert (who produced their CD) and Chris Chameleon (who shags the lead singer). They call themselves female chauvinists and don’t tolerate victimised women or men who treat them nice to get something out of them. They have a serious attitude, even though their lead singer is called Prinses Petro.

Rokkeloos’s album is called Nooiens-vaart. The songs certainly have the most original sound of the three bands. Johannes Kerkorrel-like riffs result in a previously unheard genre -- kwela punk. Since they sing in Afrikaans they probably won’t make it on to the airwaves. You have to like them for their humour -- they mention “klippies en cocaine” and sing: “Ek hou van melktert ... brandewyn ... skaapbraai ... en hard naai [I like milktart ... brandy ... sheep braai ... and fucking hard].”

Read an interview with them in Afrikaans by the inimitable Watkykjy.

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