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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Loslap by Snotkop

Mhambi stands accused of dropping his musical tastes. It has been eroded by nostalgia, caused by years away from my vaderland.

Well, here's another track which runs the borderline between cool and zef (chav). But definitely come down on the cool side in Mhambi's opinion. It's Loslap by the artist Snotkop. (Afr: Slapper by Snothead).

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Walton said...

This is way cool, it reminds me of NEDs Kru from Glasgow (

But Soldaatvolk is shite.

Wessel said...

Fair play :)

Nerina said...

I don't love this. Maybe if I didn't understand what they were saying it would be better.

Wessel said...

So Nerina, is the message off putting? Whats wrong with singing that you want to go home to your mom because your girlfriend stabbed you in the back?

Nerina said...

Not the message, really. I think sometimes just not understanding a song makes it sound better. Didn't get through the whole thing actually.