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Friday, August 03, 2007

Facebook's posh Afrikaans haters makes for uneasy sleep

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Last week Mhambi was checking out his personal Facebook Newsfeed. The feed, described by Sam Leith as "the Reuters of irrelevance, the AFP of inanity" should really not be that important.

But not that day. I could see that my friends were joining and leaving a group called "Afrikaans is a dying language, LETS KILL IT!".

Soon some of my friends sent me an email, help report that group, it's hate speech. They were clearly upset, and so I have to admit, was I.

The group is managed by a Simon Nova (South Africa) calling himself as being from the Anti-Afr. ELITE. He is assisted by Charles Killer (Portsmouth) for the British Rep? Mmmm...

And on closer inspection one Mhambi decided that one should probably not be so bothered. The group appears to be a bunch of i'll informed teen age posh tossers, nothing more.

Except it did upset me much more than I thought. But Why? Mhambi has gone on record to say that having many languages in one country is problematic. Still that night I slept very badly, and woke with a terrble sense of dread. I jumped out of bed, to some sound in our lounge.

Half asleep and convinced that we have a killer in our flat I stormed out of the bedroom. Only to find my girl friend's perplexed brother. Weird. Us Afrikaners are full of fright.

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Walton said...

Interesting all round. I don't think Afrikaans is a dying language, but if it's threatened by anyone, it's not the teenage posh wankers, but the tribalists of the De La Rey generasie.

Wessel said...

Walton I beg to differ. The "De La Rey generasie" is a broad church. It includes right wing triabalists, but it also includes others.

It has very eloquent apologists like poet Antjie Krog, and journalist Aubrey Mashiqi. It's detractors include US foreign policy wonks like Michael Cognato and hip music bloggers like NYMary.

I am of course myself an apologist for the De la Rey generation.

But perhaps the best outsides contribution on this issue has been made on a blog called the voice of humility.