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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy xmas - to a tolerant and warm new year

Mhambi is about to leave for a few days in Spain. Mhambi is not religious, in fact he is agnostic. But in todays UK Guardian he read that most of Britain's inhabitants don't think much of religion either.

South Africa
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Weird is it not. Both the Dutch and the British - the two main groups that white South Africans come from - are of the most a-religious societies on earth. Yet white South Africans are uber religious. Just like black, coloured and asian South Africans.

It's infuriating: I often wish my compatriots would pray less and read more. South Africans are described as religious, genuinely warm and friendly, but they are also ignorant, xenophobic and anti-gay.

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The Dutch and the British are also often said to be some of the most tolerant societies on earth.

Yet, something is rotten. The British and the Dutch are some of the rudest and coldest people Mhambi has met.

Could it be that the flipside of the tolerance coin is indifference? Could it be that the opposite of belief is debilitating cynicism?

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