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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bok van Blerk is big

Mhambi's blog has never been so popular. Yesterday I had just shy of 120 visitors for the day. But alas its not due to my quick wit and incisive analysis. Unfortunately not. It's because of Bok van Blerk and his De la Rey song.

Not seen the De la Rey video yet? Well please do, and here is the English lyrics for all the rooinekke out there.

Some people have started to comment on it. Is it racist? An expression of Afrikaner frustration at being marginalised? Please feel free to join in the debate.

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sub Rosa said...

great topic! I got to the song by visiting a neo-nazi site (I'm anti nazis), and then looked for the lyrics - and that's how I got to your site. I'm also curious - what's the deal with this guy and with the song?

Wessel said...

The deal? Well check Wikipedia's entry on the second Boer War. That's a good place to backgrounder.

So why is this fellow doing a song about a war that happened more than 100 years ago? That's an interesting question. And the answer I suspect will dissapoint many of his new found international fans.

Perhaps I'll try to email Bok a few questions to find out.

Anonymous said...

To be clear: the song itself is not in any way racist. It celebrates a Boer War hero who was at first a die-hard negotiator, but when there was no other way out, he became a die-hard general.
However: In my opinion the songwriters (two of the boys from Eden) have very little interest in the exact facts and more interest in the patriotic dollar.
I am Afrikaans, but fuck this, give me Fokofpolisiekar any day.

Chuck said...

It's interesting that the Brits used concentration camps more than a half century earlier than Hitler.
However this historical fact is ignored by the US education system because we are still a British colony.