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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The World Cup can save SA

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According to Lionel Mtshali the World Cup can help South Africa onto the right path. The facts speak for themselves: about half of all municipalities are dysfunctional; councils in general have failed to collect billions of rand in arrears, and more billions are left unspent in provincial coffers each year. The story holds true across the vast spectrum of the public sector.

Our hosting of the World Cup has the capacity to change this. The close foreign scrutiny will supply the kind of inspection and oversight the eroded domestic opposition has been unable to deliver. The self-congratulatory rhetoric which has been reserved for the public’s consumption will be unlikely to appeal to foreign visitors, who will expect results, not the usual excuses that blame every-thing on apartheid.

But Mtshali contradicts himself, "It will have to accept that increased spending has not necessarily led to either increased efficiency or increased effectiveness." A case of neoliberal double speak?

Like he asserts himself, millions have been left unspent. The problem is a lack of social spending, AND inefficiency. Hopefully football can save us from this.

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