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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Afrikaners are restless

According to Tim du Plessis the Afrikaners are growing restless, and this manifests in them becoming "passively destructive within the law".

I went to see a rock outfit called Bok van Blerk. The lead singer, an articulate, rather charismatic Pretoria boykie in his early 20s, started his show saying: It’s good to be at Aardklop. It’s good to walk the streets and see Afrikaners smiling and having a jol. We need to be proud of our history and ourselves. We don’t have to apologise.

Wild applause followed.

Halfway into his show he sings a song about Gen Koos de la Rey, the Anglo Boer War hero. Once again the teenage audience goes crazy. “De la Rey, De la Rey, sal jy die Boere lei,” sings Bok. The youngsters jump up and wave their arms as if they are at a Pentecostal church service.

A rudderless volk

Mhambi finds this trend not surprising but very worrying. There are no leadership in Afrikaner circles today. And when some emerges Mhambi fears that it would be of the wrong kind. The likes of the old Nats like De Klerk have all but completely gone quiet, while potential young left inclined Afrikaner leaders do not want to associate along ethnic lines.

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boggom said...

Natuurlik is die Afrikaner leierloos gelaat, regs georienteerde Afrikaner jeugdiges word gebrandmerk as rassisties, maar meeste is net patriotiese, blanke Afrikaner wat trots is op ons herkoms. Ek sluit in ons van Namibia, wat met lee beloftes gepaai is totdat ons net so leierloos gelos is met geen toekoms, deur die ruggraatlose, linksgesinde Pik en FW, wat vandag nog nutteloos is, en elkeen net oor sy persoonlike rykdom bekommerd is. Blankes in Namibia het vir die Nasionales gestem in RSA, maar vandag is ons net so toekomsloos soos die Blankes in Suid Afrika

Wessel said...

Hallo Boggom

Ek gaan jou in Engels antwoord, want die blog probeer (onder andere) ander 'n insae gee in Afrikaners debatte, en dat dit nie eenvoudige rasistiese versugtinge is nie.

I think your point about the old leaders finding solace is a banal chase of material wealth is spot on. But I think its even more true for many Afrikaners. You just have to travel to Pretoria East to see it. Where once they were public servants building the country, they are now building their personal wealth. A banal materialism not befitting calvinists. Of course they are not welcome in the public service so what else should they do? But lets debate that later.

I also agree that often many right wing Afrikaners are portrayed as simple racists when in fact their position on race is one dictated by real and physical cultural survival. Quite unlike the racism you get from organisations like the BNP in England and National Front in France.

See my article here.

However, if right wing Afrikaners became less focused on race and more with Afrikaans, then many other Afrikaners and the world would be happy to support them more.

If Afrikaners have always been natural democrats and lefties. Our literature is the most extensive and open in Africa. We need to reclaim that herritage and steer away from the authoritarianism and racism that charactarised the National party and the Ducth reformed Church at the hight of its power.