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Monday, August 21, 2006

Rock, Shoes and women with attitude

This weekend Mhambi was to see the Afrikaans Metal / Hard rock band Rokkeloos, but alas it was not to be. Their show was cancelled, the reason given: The drummer broke her ankle. (Mhambi was planning on chucking his underwear on stage if he was suitably impressed, but never got the chance.)

Rokkeloos has acquired quite a reputation in a short space of time. Combining hard and heavy - but well executed - rock and metal, with glamour and an in your face attitude.

Their first album: Nooiensvaart (Maiden voyage) is very good, with a varied sound and it packing lyrical punch, without taking itself too seriously. See and listen Baked beans and cocaine here.

On the subject of creative, sexy and in your face women: Here are two pics of two very interesting women photographers on Flickr (Olive and Rose), whom Mhambi has been following for a while. They too have a thing for shoes...

hugs not drugs
Originally uploaded by tetheredtothesun.

tulips unite
Originally uploaded by tetheredtothesun.

...and staying on the subject of footwaer - today the BCC reports that:

South African women value shopping above sex, survey results suggest.

Of women who took part in a "Fantasy Survey" promoted by a drinks company, 45% said they valued shopping over sex. Only 26% voted the other way round.

Three quarters of the women who took part described themselves as having a shoe fetish while 70% said they did not have enough clothes in their wardrobes. Almost half (48%) of women surveyed said men had no real understanding of their needs and desires.

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