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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ons hou van melktert, breiwerk, skaapbraai en hard naai

Some South Africans have their knickers in a twist over Rokkeloos's latest lyricks, broadcast on National TV.

Ons hou van melktert, breiwerk, skaapbraai en hard naai


Complaint about the use of the word “naai” in an Afrikaans song, which was a broadcast of a live recording. Only very na├»ve persons would not realize that the word is used in its secondary meaning which is the equivalent of the English “f” word.

The complainent said:

Another flaw in the argument submitted is that "melktert" and "skaapvleis braai" is things enjoyed by women, however these are things equally enjoyed by men. My interpretation of the group’s name "Rokkeloos" rather suggest to me a group of females renouncing their sexuality (the word translated directly meaning "without dresses"). I don't see them with aprons behind the stove baking "melktert". Referring to the double meaning of the word, during the performance the lead singer mentioned the word condom on more than one occasion. This immediately deletes the better meaning of the mentioned word. I for one would like to see how stitching is performed with a condom. Point three in the report mentioned the following: "The interpretation of the lyrics is left to the mind of the listener...” When listening in how the words where pronounced and screamed no imagination is needed to interpret the real meaning. Point four seems to be using the fact that because it was a "live performance" that this makes it all okay. If I interpret their statement correctly we can go and rape and pillage as much as we like as long as it is a live performance. Looking at the time this music was aired, maybe our babies and toddlers were already in bed, my concern is our teenagers that are still awake at 21H50.”

Read the whole bruhaha here.

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