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Saturday, July 22, 2006

fokofpolisiekar - Brand Suid-Afrika

The latest track by Afrikaans punk band Fokofpolisiekar is called Brand Suid-Afrika (Burn South Africa). It contains these lyricks:

`Vir jou is daar nog messe wat wag in die bosse buite jou huis in die nag/Ons het petrol gevat en ons het al ons brûe afgebrand voordat ons aan die anderkant was /Jy kla oor die toestand van ons land, maar hoekom doen jy nie iets daaromtrent nie.`.

Knives are still waiting for you in bushes next to your house in the night / We took petrol and burnt all our bridges before we were on the other side / You moan about the the state of our country but why don't you do something about it.

The music video contains images on Ossewa Brandwag (a WW2 Afrikaner facist organisation) drum majorettes, groping in the back of a car, two macho khaki clad Boere (Boers) making out, cars drawn in a lager and lots of burning. What could it all mean....?

Rumour has it that the band has read The Afrikaners: Biography of a people by Herman Giolomee as well as Rian Malan's My Traitors Heart.

Gilomee's book has been described at such: Without downplaying the influences of racial bigotry, power politics, and economic competition, Giliomee argues that from the nineteenth century onward, the fundamental force in Afrikaner political life was a fear of cultural obliteration. That same purpose underlies Giliomee's own scholarship, which he hopes will help bring young Afrikaners to terms with their heritage and better equip them to preserve their language and traditions.

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