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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ferial Haffajee - Our government can not govern

There is in Mhambi's opinion only a few South African commentators that ask the really difficult questions.

Facile excuses and clever theories for the abyss were staring down come a plenty. There are those that claim that a form of apartheid and colonialism still reigns our country. This explains our falling per capital income ratio, our increasing inequality, the falling standards in our schools, the rising violence.

Patrick Bond and Ferial Haffajee
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A small minority amazingly still think the ANC is some Marxist front.

Ferial Haffajee, Mail & Guardian editor says its time to ask the really hard questions. Apartheid, colonialism and right wing government is no more she says. She points to the fact that SA spends more on schooling and health that Hugo Chavez's Bolivarian revolution.

Government policies are not to blame. It's the execution of these policies which is the problem.

We have to admit says Haffajee, 'our government cannot govern'.

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