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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stellenbosch police raid pictures emerge on facebook

Facebook is proving to be an interesting template for people to organise themselves around issues.

The Facebook group in response to the raids in Stellenbosch is proving to be a great place for victims to share information, resources, pictures and videos.

A few journalists also have joined the group as its a great source for stories.

This is a picture of Louis Joubert, who incidentally is a 1st Dan in Karate, but he says on Facebook, "daar is nie veel wat jy kan doen as jy op die grond le nie, veral na 'n sarsie pepperspray."

You can't do much if your lying on the floor with peper spray in your face.

He told Mhambi today:

"i was kicked in the face about 4 times while lying
on the floor."

Where's the M & G?
What Mhambi finds rather strange is that the Mail and Guardian has not covered this story at all.

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