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Friday, October 26, 2007

UK deportation halted due to crooked SA police claim

A British judge today blocked the deportation of a former South African police officer sergeant David Andreason. The officer left the police in 2001 due to stress fled Durban for Britain after an attempt on his life in 2005.

The British Home Office has sought to deport him back to South Africa, but his lawyer claims that the South African police has been infiltrated by gangs to such an extent that his life would be in danger.

"The police -- the very organisation which should protect him -- poses a risk to him," she added.

Judge John Mitting said Andreason's claim that there was a "strong possibility" that he and his family would face harm by gang members had not been rebutted.

"This is lent some general support by reports about corruption within the South African Police Service," he said.

"[Andreason] claims at all levels in the South African Police Service there are officers who are corrupt and lend assistance to the gangs."

The judge allowed his bid for a judicial review of the Home Office's rejection of his asylum application, and blocked his removal from the country at present.

This is a significant judgement, and could pave the way for numerous policemen with very incriminating information about the SAPS to skip the country for the UK.

The South African Commissioner of Police Jackie Selebi has been linked to Glen Anglioti, an Italian with links to the Mafia.

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