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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

after the birds outside the apt. say hello

after the birds outside the apt. say hello
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Mhambi has long been enamoured with Olive & Rose, their pics and their prose. Allot of what they do is gorgeous and unashamedly naughty. Lovely.

there's coffee in a ceramic mug next door at the happy lobster cafe, santa claus drawn across the handle in magic marker. evaporated milk in a tiny silver pouring cup next to a saucer of raw cane sugar. there's a flat screen t.v. above the door playing only commercials sponsored by the tourism board of the government. caves and jungles and photos of impossibly shiny buses fly into and out of the silent screen.

a seven person group of australians pass around a digital camera and yell at one another, shifting naturally until a finger hovers above the shutter, and then smiling, their eyes wrinkling at the sides, someone accidentally blinking, someone else caught mid-mouth asking if there's enough light. two women hold handtowels behind the bar and stare at bottles of coconut rum while they talk, one of them touching her hair with the towel, the other one so very, very still.

a barefoot man in a straw hat sells bags of papaya and folds a basket of baby dresses on the sand street outside and waves at me when he realizes that i'm staring, when i realize that he's staring too.

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