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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sexy shoes, rugby and way too much work

It's the sexy shoes' fault. That, the Super 14 Rugby triumph of South Africa and much too much work.

You can be forgiven if you thought Mhambi took the freeway, never to return. It was the 6th of May the last time I posted. Ages ago. My defence?

Your honour firstly Mhambi's lovely girlfriend has just finished her first shoe and handbag collection. Mhambi gave his moral, emotional, video and web site building support.

Some of the shoe leather featuring Pienaar prints being cut.

And was it worth it. The collection - called But how do we play this? - was designed in collaboration with South African artist Peet Pienaar and is ground breaking. Not only is it does it look contemporary, sexy, sophisticated, but the collection was made from sustainable materials. And if we get the funding to mass produce it, it will be produced in South Africa.

Laura in a shoe factory in Cape Town.

South Africa is not the cheapest place to produce shoes, but its one of the cheaper places where there is a minimum wage and minimum working conditions for workers. We hope to use this as a way of marketing the shoes. These shoes are sexy AND ethical: They will increase your pulling power and then when you finally fall asleep you can do so with a clear conscience.

My second defence is the rugby! I have been spending all my spare time on Keo :) Thirdly I have been working too much. But that's not really a good excuse is it. I will post more about the rugby, why too much work is scientifically proven to be a bad thing and the sexy shoes - soon.

Perhaps you can get to see them here on Mhambi first ;) At Mhambi style and substance always go hand in hand.

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Mike said...

The shoe thing sounds exciting! Hats of to both of you for taking the leap of faith. Partnering with Peet Pienaar is a great idea. Talk about an artist with an open mind. On top of that you're going the fair trade and eco-friendly route. Wow, all that remains is for the product to sell... I'm holding thumbs for you.

sophia said...

lekker! post some photos of the final product so that us lot in Cape Town can see it too!
Judging by the flu and tummy bug doing the rounds, there won't be much of a game on Saturday, so you'll have some time on your hands.

sophia said...

Oh and well done, Laura!
We're all rooting for you x

Wessel said...

thx mike, thx sophia - we'll post some pics soon promise.