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Monday, April 09, 2007

Flash app graphs societies

Mhambi was sent this very cool flash based graphing tool - Gap minder - which represents World social indicators in the most facinating ways.

Look at this graph of the worlds countries, the vertical axis representing life expectancy and the horizontal income per person (GNI) (Press the button to see an animation of the data over time and note how almost all the dots slowly move to the top right hand corner (Higher life expectancy and income).

Note how a few of the blue dots (Africa, sudenly reverse) including South Africa in 1992. This represents the tremendous inpact of Aids. But the impact is not inevitable. Takle a look at Uganda. Also very interesting is Sudan and the Congo, who although plagued by terrible wars for many years has not seem the same devestaion in life expectancy.

Rwanda however shows the devastaion of the genocide.

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