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Monday, February 05, 2007

The story of Koos and Bok

The debate around Bok van Blerk and his De la Rey song is showing no sign of abating. Koos Kombuis (Wikipedia), the Afrikaans singer, poet, writer and counter-culture libertarian icon has spoken about the surprise he felt at the strong contradictory feelings the song elicited in him.

Kombuis attracted some controversy just recently when he publicly resigned from Afrikanerdom, Koos wanted to rid him of all that Boer baggage.

And the song *had* felt wrong. It felt like a call to war. But on the other hand, Koos found himself, when ever he heard the song, involuntarily sing along: "De la Rey, De la Rey, sal jy die boere kom lei De la Rey. De la Rey, Generaal, Generaal, soos een man sal ons om jou val, generaal De la Rey". (English translation here.)

Koos realises - as he thought might happen - that the song is becoming huge, it's something-like-a-phe-no-me-na. Bok has to be stopped.

And then one day Koos said so, in one of his Rapport articles.

And to Koos's amazement he gets an email from Bok. He wants advice about life, the universe and South Africa.

Koos meets Bok in one of South Africa's cathedrals to materialism and the non society, the Centurion mall. Koos expects the devil. He did his research and apparently Bok used real farmers when making his music video. But he had to use girls to play the Khakhis because the farmers refused to play the British. Koos also suspects he used Jafta - the black servant - to dig the trenches.

Bok does a very un-Afrikaans thing and arrives late for his appointment.

But when he does arrive Koos is amazed. Bok seems vunerabale, sensitive. He looks like someone whose been through life's treadmill.

He reminds Koos of Johannes Kerkorrel! Johannes you will remember was the singer and spokesperson for the Voelvry movement - an Afrikaans music movement against the cultural and political shackels of the Afrikaner Nationalists. Johannes commited suicide.

Koos is stunned, but still suspicious of his feelings, he sets out to research who this De la Rey was.

Koos is truely amazed.

It turns out De la Rey was the last Anglo Boer War General to go to war, after arguing in parlaiment passionately against it, often enduring accusations of cowardice.

De la Rey also opposed, together with General Joubert, the anti-foreigner policy of President Kruger.

But when war was inevitable he joined the fight and soon he was the most succesful General in the War. Alobg the way he is credited with inventing new guerilla warfare tecniques.

After the war ended he strove ceaselessly for reconciliation between Boer and Brit.

Koos realises that De la Rey was not a Terreblanche, not a George Bush or a Tony Blair but an Afrikaner Steve Biko. An enlighthened man of action, conscience and peace. And he realises that Bok is right. South Africa needs leaders like that - leaders of action, wisdom and peace.

But is that not why Bok came to Koos?

Is Bok and the volk not desperately looking to people like Koos and other credible Afrikaners for guidance? But Van Zyl Slabbert in no longer an Afrikaner, Bad boy poet Breyten's ego just keeps on getting in the way, and Koos has resigned his membership. But if they won't, Mhambi thinks others might.

To qoute Kerkorrel: "Ons soek 'n nuwe energie."

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Anonymous said...

The funniest thing is that Max Du Preez, the arch-bishop of doosness, is the loudest mouth Afrikaner out there... Why? Because he is the only Afrikaner who gets quoted in the English press really and then its only about how many ANC members he can deepthroat. The guy is such a bitch. Being an Afrikaaner is quaint, it gets you laid when you are in Europe and America, something I know Koos would appreciate. Even a sympathy pomp is still a pomp. Why can we not say like Jimmy says in the commitments, We're Black and we are proud of it... We're Boere and we are proud of it. Sure there might be baggage to it but SO what. Rich yuppies on Wall street also have baggage, baggage is par for the course when it comes to life. Koos bumbed a spliff from me once and he was a dweeb then.... obviously that has not changed

Anonymous said...

Guess on this blogg I have to chat wwith myself as its just a cacaphony of postings!

So I want to just add to myself that I will NEVER give my AFRIKANERSHIP/BOERDOM up. I cannot. Its in my DNA maybe my children will but thats their problem...

I will reply to myself soon.

Wessel said...

Guys, I deleted your posts, please stay on topic. If you would like a forum to just chat to other people there are many other websites out there that cater for that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mhambi,

Thanks for your stories, came across them on a blog search. I am currently trying to get a debate going on my blog and you appear to have something to say. All my postings are in Afrikaans, but comments are welcome in English and Dutch and Setswana.

Please don't get me wrong that I am trying to advertise my blog on yours, this is merely an invitation for you to express your opinions on some of mine. Thanks...