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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Racism bullied back into the closet

So Jade was voted out. The Guardian proclaimed the 80% plus vote for Jade to leave, a vote for tolerance. Yesterday the press rallied, The Sun on its front page called Goody 'the face of evil'. The London Paper said voting out Goody 'A vote for Britain'. The same paper compared Shetty and Goody, noting that Shetty spoke many languages and Shetty only one, "Estuary English".

The middle classes was offering Goody as the sacrificial lamb to save the countries reputation. Forgetting that at least two other housemates were as complicit and more deceitful, while many others did nothing when something was called for.

Big Brother had exposed racism and bullying in a society that excells in hiding racism and developed bullying into a fine art. Goody is going to pay dearly, and be bullied out of public life.

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